Sunday, July 25, 2010

A warning from God to NOT repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell?

The Homosexual Agenda has been stepping up their fight for SPECIAL "RIGHTS" by DEMANDING to be able to bring their deranged lifestyle choice into the AMERICAN MILITARY where they will be able to shower with young, well-muscled men and share bunks with them! With their recent hammering away at Don't Ask Don't Tell, OF COURSE God would take notice!
The Lord is NOT one to take this sort of pounding laying down!
U.S. and NATO officials confirmed that two American Navy personnel went missing Friday in the eastern province of Logar, after an armored sports utility vehicle was seen driving into a Taliban-held area.

It's bad enough that our boys in uniform are over in Afghanistan fighting B. Hussein Obama's war, but Jesus seems to be able to take only SO MUCH when sissies start trying to OPENLY mince around the battlefield. As He did on that FATEFUL DAY in 2001, the Lord has shown that He WILL lift His protection from our nation when we turn our backs on Him!
To the Homosexual Agenda, to the ACLU, to the feminists, Planned Parenthood, Justin Bieber, Al Franken and the Clintons, to the teachers unions, atheists, hippies, Hollywood, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, the NBA, NAACP and ACORN,, Michael Moore, to So You Think You Can Dance?, Elena Kagan and witches, to Greenpeace, PETA, the World Wildlife Fund, People For The American Way, High School Musical, Richard Dawkins, Paul Zachary Meyers, Darwinism, and Phil Plait, to Ben & Jerry, to Heinz Ketchup, the DemoncRAT Party, Seth McFarlane, Penn & Teller, and every other LIBERAL who hates America - I point my finger and say YOU HELPED THIS HAPPEN!
Let's take this warning to heart! Let's turn this country BACK TO JESUS before it's too late and He SMITES us once and for all!
Please join me in prayer, America. Before it's too late and we turn into a backwater Third World failed state like RWANDA, SOMALIA, SOVIET CANUCKISTAN, or BELARUS!
Thank you, and GOD BLESS.

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