Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Buses - the Road to Communism

It's a 5:40 on a Wednesday and your husband called to tell you not to worry about dinner, he's going to eat out with some of the men from work. With a little free time on your hands, you hop into your Lincoln Town Car and head off to your favorite Bible bookstore that, unfortunately, CLOSES at 6pm. Traffic is already quite busy, when suddenly you find yourself stuck behind a BUS.
Most NORMAL people don't think of buses except for those occasions where they become a nuisance. I know I didn't, not until I came across this VERY GOOD POINT today from Peter Roberts of Drivers Alliance...
And finally I hate buses because they are the symbol of a socialist society where people rely on the state to provide transport.

YES! The lazy WELFARE QUEENS of America expect MY HUSBAND'S TAXES to pay for them to get to the ABORTION CLINICS and CRACK HOUSES! No wonder so many people in this nation are enamored by SOCIALISM and expect the government to pick up the tab for EVERYTHING!
The PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION NANNY STATE is directly responsible for the mess our economy is in right now! "The government will drive me to the supermarket, so it might as well buy my food too! Then once it drives me home, it should also pay my rent! And why shouldn't I overdose on meth? The government can pay for my healthcare!"
It goes even futher than that! Go back in the history of buses in America. If it wasn't for fussing over a perfectly fine seat on a bus in the middle of the last century, JOHN MCCAIN WOULD BE PRESIDENT RIGHT NOW! (Or maybe Hillary Clinton, but we know as far as our beloved USA has strayed, not even the DemocRATs would have voted for her!)
Enough is enough. We must stand up to the JACKBOOTED THUGS who ride on buses and say NO MORE! The American economy is FALLING APART and we can no longer afford to pay for raggedy marihuana cigarette smoking bums to get a subsidized right to the WELFARE OFFICE where they can further pick our pockets so they can stock up on Colt 45 malt liquor and spend their days watching Oprah instead of GETTING JOBS!
The George W. Bush (BLESS HIM, LORD!) tax cuts are about to expire, as B. Hussein Obama and the rest of the LIEberals in Congress want to bring the economy crashing further by taking more money from the rich!
One way to keep the wealth TRICKLING DOWN and keep the tax cuts going is to SAVE MONEY by ABOLISHING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! We may almost be there, but we are NOT YET a SOCIALIST FAILED STATE like the Soviet Union, Cuba or Sweden! If the demand for buses is there, the FREE MARKET will take care of it!
If you don't like that, then buy a car, hippy!

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