Thursday, July 15, 2010

BP has plugged the leak! The free market and prayer WORKS!

PRAISE JESUS! BP has PLUGGED THE LEAK! And they would likely have done it sooner if it weren't for all the unnecessary regulations and DEMONcrats in government goosestepping their commie jackboots all over the poor, besieged corporation.
You see, hippies, if you let the FREE MARKET do its job unhindered, couple it with PRAYER, and THINGS GET DONE!
My heart goes out to BP. They've had to deal with tree-huggers smearing them and B. Hussein Obama orchestrating a government shakedown, keeping them from DOING REAL WORK and hurting the pocketbooks of innocent, hardworking investers. Perhaps now BP's CEO Tony Hayward can finally get his life back instead of being constantly pestered by the lame stream media.
What's with all the crying over a little oil (a natural substance created by GOD!) in the Gulf of Mexico anyway? WE'RE IN END TIMES! Any minute now the trumpet will sound, TRUE CHRISTIANS will be RAPTURED away, and CHRIST WILL RETURN! If the world is a tiny bit dirty, THAT'S ALRIGHT! Whining about the future makes you look ridiculous because there isn't much future left for the world.
Providing the Rapture hasn't happened yet, I'm really looking forward to November. AMERICA IS WAKING UP and the commies are going to be thrown out and we'll finally get good people like Rep. Joe Barton (President Joe Barton? Think about it!) in positions of power to ensure that our corporations can continue to do what they do best - putting people to WORK and ensuring that Grandpa and Grandma Normal American's retirement investments continue to provide!


  1. So for all the QQing of the libretard tree huggers about the deal sea turtle it is over. Listen eco-nazis; oil seeps into the ocean all of the time. Oil leaks are part of the circle of life.

    This is whole thing was just a viscous attack on BP for being a hard working American company.

  2. American company? It's fucking BRITISH PETROLEUM.