Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's my birthday - thank You, Jesus!

Today is my birthday, and I would like to thank the LORD for creating me all those years ago, and for waiting until I became SAVED before RAPTURING UP all TRUE CHRISTIANS and laying waste to the world! (At this rate I may become a grandmother before He sounds the trumpet and pulls the trigger, though I pray every day that this day is the LAST.)
My family, friends, and church acquaintances have all showered me with gifts, for which I thank them. GOD BLESS you all. It will take a few days, but I WILL pay you all the fair market price for each and every present. There is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH, and I will NOT contribute to our nation's descent into COMMUNISM by accepting "free" gifts.,CST-NWS-savage05.savagearticle

No wonder America is getting it all wrong when it comes to government, and taxes, and policy. We all act as if the "lemonade" or benefits we're "giving away" is free.

And so the voters demand more -- more subsidies for mortgages, more bailouts, more loan modification and longer periods of unemployment benefits.

They're all very nice. But these things aren't free.

The government only gets the money to pay these benefits by raising taxes, meaning taxpayers pay for the "free lemonade." Or by printing money -- which is essentially a tax on savings, since printing more money devalues the wealth we hold in dollars.

If we can't teach our kids the basics of running a lemonade stand, how can we ever teach Congress the basics of economics?

Or maybe it's the other way around: The kids are learning from the society around them. No one has ever taught them there's no free lunch -- and all they see is "free," not the result of hard work, and saving, and scrimping.

Anyone who has given me a gift and will not accept payment in return will have their names entered into my ENEMIES OF AMERICA notebook that will be sent into the Department of Homeland Security once it's filled, and will be PRAYED FOR. If the DHS doesn't yet have a file on every PINKO who wants a BLOATED AND INTRUSIVE government, they will soon enough!


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