Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Progressive" taxes - UNFAIR to the POOR!

It's a known matter of FACT that so-called "progressive" taxes are UNFAIR to the rich. By WORKING HARD, the wealthy are PUNISHED by being forced to give up a bigger percentage of their OWN MONEY to the government so that LAZY welfare queens can get their crystal meth and the ride down to purchase it paid for by DECENT CITIZENS.
But what LIEberals don't quite get is that "progressive" taxes are also unfair to the POOR! Can you imagine finishing a tough day of cooking freedom fries or a long night of cleaning toilers only to be told by the IRS that sorry, your money is NO GOOD!
Those in our society who aren't as well off as the peope who work that much harder to get into a higher tax bracket have DIGNITY! By not taxing them EQUALLY, the government is GOOSESTEPPING all over that dignity! Sure, they have jobs, but to treat them like this is DEMEANING to them as PEOPLE!
Just as abolishing the minimum wage would give the poor a sense of SELF-RESPECT AND ACCOMPLISHMENT, scrapping "progressive" taxes would also help them feel that they are CONTRIBUTING TO AMERICA.
Then there is the matter of INCENTIVE. These lucky duckies who don't have to pay ANY tax get to enjoy EVERY PENNY they earn, so why should they put in the effort to try to make more? This is what SOCIALISM does! IT DESTROYS INCENTIVE!
It also takes away empathy. If someone isn't paying taxes, they aren't going to care about electing people into public office who will work to cut taxes. TAX RELIEF is a VITAL issue, yet we are created HEARTLESS AND SELFISH ingrates who will USE government services paid for the sweat of the brow of their betters! Do you know how many poor folk I've been seeing at Tea Party rallies? VERY FEW! How can they get the message that we're Taxed Enough Already if they're not being fairly taxed?
If LIEberals TRULY CARED about the poor, they would be DEMANDING that they pay their FAIR SHARE of taxes! But then DemocRATs wouldn't have anyone to BRIBE FOR VOTES, would they?

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