Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Proof that PRAYER WORKS!

I would like to thank all the Prayer Warriors who spoke to God the past couple of days asking Him to HEAL me. As I was laying on my sofa, watching TBN and drinking gallons of ginger ale, I could feel THE LORD within me casting out the DEMONS who were sapping my strength and making me nauseated.
Today I am feeling MUCH better. My throat is still a little sore and I don't want to exert myself yet (so no street corner witnessing this week), but I am UP AND ABOUT once again, THANK YOU JESUS!
This is 100% PROOF THAT PRAYER WORKS! We don't need SOCIALIST HEALTH "CARE" in this nation when we already have EFFECTIVE HEALTH PRAYER!
Fortunately this turn for the better came in time to call Pastor Hinn and tell him he can cancel his flight, I don't need him to make a house call now.


  1. You were hydrated. Sorry that's not proof.

  2. This is not proof that prayer heals. You body creates antibody's to fight of viruses. And when you have harmful bacteria it heats up to kill them. This is what happened. There is no proof that a god healed you. In fact I would take this as proof that he didn't because wouldn't an all powerful god simply make it go away. Or maybe protect you from it in the first place.